Who Belongs to the BCA and Why

In 2007 BCA membership stood at an all-time record high level of 258 companies. This group of professionals includes general and specialty trade contractors, both open shop and signatory. Architects, engineers, geotechnical consultants, surveyors and others are included under their own professional category. Material supplier and associate members -- insurance brokers, attorneys, CPA's, equipment and product suppliers and other specialists -- fill the ranks.

The BCA understands the symbiosis necessary for executing owners' commissions. BCA understands it takes more than contractors. It takes designers, vendors, government and many others to be successful. And this is whom the BCA serves - the whole group of professionals who have a part in taking a building project from concept to completion.

BCA allows collaboration in a genuinely non-competitive environment for everyone involved in erecting nonresidential buildings and infrastructure of Northeast Indiana. Economic development, workforce development, safety training, legislative issues and local governmental interaction are long standing committees that have done real time improvements to the system over the years.

BCA lobbies legislators to keep money focused in northeast Indiana. BCA financially supports the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance. We have broadened our reach regionally by investing in the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, which includes several regional local economical development organizations [LEDO's]. BCA has had a part in streamlining the routing process with Fort Wayne. BCA is involved in work addressing a variety of subjects important to a profitable business climate for its members and the community they live and work in.

Membership Classifications & Investments

General contractors, construction managers and subcontractors engaged in the nonresidential construction industry of northeast Indiana

Contractor Classes Based on Prior Year's Total Dollar Volume of Business
Class I $5,000,001 and over $1350
Class II $3,000,001 to $5,000,000 $1050
Class III $1,000,001 to $3,000,000 $750
Class IV Up to $1,000,000 $550

Architect & Engineer¹ $325
Firms supplying design and engineering services to business owners and contractors.

Material Supplier² $425
Firms supplying materials and equipment that are used in commercial and industrial construction

Associate $325
Firms providing professional services to companies involved in the construction industry
Includes legal firms, insurance companies, financial institutions and other businesses serving the construction industry

Public Works Complimentary
An individually held membership for nonprofit government agencies, municipalities and schools. Subject to participation in one event annually.

¹ Firms that are engaged in general contracting services or construction management or who quote installation as a part of their business will be classed as contractors. Contractor class will be determined by the volume of work furnished and installed.

² Suppliers who quote installation will be classed as contractors. Contractor class will be determined by the volume of work furnished and installed.

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