Building social capital is a primary benefit for many professional associations, and this a great strength for BCA. The Association has always excelled with its networking events through a regular program of quality social programs held throughout the year. For many years, the Annual Golf Outing and Christmas Gala have hosted capacity turnouts with more than 250 participants. The spring and fall membership events bring a little business and recognition into the socializing mix. The spring program honors outstanding projects and people from the northeast Indiana construction industry as the Excellence in Construction and Safety Excellence Awards are presented. The fall program highlights a recent construction project with a keynote address and presentation of BCA Service Awards - the Summit, Gold Medal, and Centennial Awards.

A great benefit of BCA events is that when a member participates, he or she is mingling and talking with business people from the market that they conduct business in. Unlike state or national association events, BCA events offer opportunities for networking with other business professionals who are seen on an ongoing basis in the course of the members' regular business activities, not people they only see once a year at annual conventions.