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"As a general contractor with over 40 years in the construction industry, the BCA has been a valuable resource for procuring quality subcontractors. We also use it as a tool for training our staff in safety and other facets of the industry. Having a high-profile, high-quality trade association such as the BCA is paramount in promoting our industry. I am proud that my company and I are BCA members."

Steve Goodman, Project Executive | Mosaic Building Solutions

"Shambaugh & Son is a member of BCA because it is the strongest and most visible organization dedicated to contractors in northern Indiana. We have worked with many members on projects throughout the region, and it is valuable to know the many individual BCA representatives in the event there is ever an opportunity or a problem."

Mark Veerkamp, CFO | Shambaugh & Son L.P.

"MSKTD has been a member for many years and finds value in our participation and investment in a lot of ways. The Association provides valuable education opportunities for architects' continuing education and great networking events, and it continues to connect us to community leaders, elected officials, economic development professionals, and people we work within our industry. BCA is geared to make the contractor more effective, efficient, and safer. MSKTD supports those efforts through membership in BCA of Northeast Indiana!"

Gary Voirol, President | MSKTD & Associates, Inc.