Workforce Recruitment

Members' ability to attract and retain quality, productive employees is an activity critical to their business success, and BCA works to assist its members in doing so. BCA maintains good working relationships with over 40 northeast Indiana high schools. The Construction Career Academy is held over three days and highlights 16 construction trades and professions. The Academy relates what skills and abilities are needed by professional contractors and builds awareness of apprenticeship opportunities and the need for employees with formal education after high school. The program attracts a capacity enrollment of 60 students every year. Students are recommended by their teachers for registration, and admission is limited to the top three students from each school.

2022 Construction Career Academy Wrap Up

The BCA's 2022 strategic plan dove deeper to take on the severe worker shortages facing northeast Indiana's construction industry. To attack this critical issue, a new objective of the association is to Influence 1000 - a goal to reach and positively influence 1000 individuals to get into the trades each year.